Sunday, August 31, 2014

Calling TTS24 in Malawi

Good Morning TTS24 Parents,

Can you believe your daughters have been in southern Africa for nearly 10 days?! Tomorrow the group will gear up for their first travel day; they will depart Fisherman's Rest and head off to new adventures. ( It will be the first time the girls have had to re-pack their bags, include all their textbooks, and move from one hostel to the next making sure they check under beds and behind doors for all their essential items. It is no small feat to move 21 ladies, 42 personal bags and the school library/group gear from Point A to Point B, yet within the next few weeks, these ladies will move like an efficient machine (well, that's the hope anyway.)

Not only is the group moving locations tomorrow, we're all hoping you will have success in calling the TTS cell phones later today and tomorrow to connect with your daughter for the first time since she's left home. YEA! The teachers will facilitate the phone calls starting at 7pm Africa time. As you know, there are two cell phones and each of you has a call in time and number to try. Don't worry, in case something goes haywire, the teachers will make time for you to connect with your daughter in the coming days.

As you can imagine, the girls are as excited as you to talk about and share their adventures. Some may be nervous, some may become emotional as soon as they hear your sweet hellos and some may not know what to say. We encourage you to share a few stories about home/weather/friends as they yearn to know what's happening back home but don't always ask for the details. Ask your daughter a few key questions to help her share the details you are anxious to know and be prepared to simply listen as she tries to summarize the first days of classes, peers, teachers, Malawi, food, the service opportunities the group has been a part of, learning to speak Chichewa and everything else into a 20 minute call.

Remember, don't worry if you don’t reach your daughter at the appointed time, we will make a plan to connect you in the upcoming days.

Good luck and enjoy hearing about your daughter's semester. Check out the blog beforehand if you get a chance for a sneak peak of their adventures. We also posted a slideshow of photos on the blog - it's on the right side of the screen. If you click on any of the photos in the posts or sidebars, they will zoom in so you can have a better view.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Jennifer, Aunge, Price and Leah

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