Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And so we begin this journey together.

This morning, as we watched with our 16-year old daughter Maris walk through the TSA checkpoint at O’Hare to board her outbound flight to Washington, D.C., I was reminded of the oft-quoted line by writer Elizabeth Stone. To have a child, she wrote, is “to have your heart go walking outside your body.” 

You said it, Elizabeth, and how!

I’m sure I speak for every TTS24 parent when I say that today our hearts have left our bodies and now travel alongside each of you—inspiring, gifted teachers and 16 girls, bold and bright—as you begin what is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime!

We will be watching and waiting, and none too patiently, for any tiny little scrap of news. Please don’t make us wait too long! (We might, your know, pee our pants or something...)

Bon voyage and bon chance, sojourners. May the road rise up to meet you!

—Valorie Schaefer
(Mum of Maris Bock)

P.S. I would love it if other parents would post a picture of their traveler so I can start to know all of their names and faces!

Ready for adventure, Maris at age 3 and today, age 16.

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  1. Totally agree with you and totally share your feelings Valerie. I said good bye to them all and came back to Florida totally desolated
    Dulled Airport seemed to be the most horrible place in earth without Claudia. Choosing what to eat was not fun at all if I would not share it with her
    Then I remembered their happy faces full of emotions ans expectation. And the wonderful group of girls and teachers. Ahe could not be in a better place now. There is where ahe dreamt to be
    My heart goes with her ans is joyful for this espectáculo experience
    Keep writing ans sharing the news please
    Mariela - claudia' s mom