Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Math Concepts

Mathematical Concepts

Math Con students are practicing forming and asking questions to those they encounter in order to learn about local economies. They brainstormed questions for a tailor in Malawi, interviewed a mechanic in Zambia, and grilled our Zimbabwean driver and cook on their professions.

Each student has chosen a book to present on for their midterm. Claudia is reading Nickel and Dimed, a case study on poverty in the U.S. Sydney L. is reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman, which illustrates how the U.S strong-arms countries into trade agreements. Maia is reading Small is Beautiful: Economics as If People Mattered, a classic by E.F. Schumaker on re-visioning our world.

Last week students learned how to create economic indicator maps, using Malawi as the example. They created a visual representation of Malawi's economy, illustrating the former president involved in a cash gate scandal, the major exports, fast facts about population and GDP, and a pie chart showing employment sectors. Each student is responsible for creating an economic indicator map of one country we visit from here on out. Additonally, they will need to interview locals on the state of the economy in order to add relevant quotes to the visual data.

Today we played MC jeopardy, with students recapping the financial and economic terms learned thus far. Coming up is a simulation called the Game of Life, in which students take on fictional characters and their life circumstances, needing to pay bill and deal with unforeseen expenses.



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