Thursday, October 30, 2014

And now a few words from TTS24!

My husband Richard (father of Maris) had a chance to capture a greeting from each of the girls during his visit with the class this past week. It was extremely windy on the day they recorded, unfortunately, but it's still sweet to see their faces and hear their (somewhat muffled!) words.

He has lots of photos to share, too. Watch for those later today!  Click here to watch the video:  Greetings, Parents!


  1. Thank you! What an amazing gift for us!!

  2. This turned out so beautiful! Can't wait to see your photos

  3. Thank you for the blessing of this video. I get teary every time I watch it, and the tears are coming before I see Kait!. I am so proud of each of the girls (and staff) and the obvious effort they are putting into the semester. Thank you to each of the parents who visited and for sharing their experiences and impressions. It soothes my heart. Kelly

  4. Richard,
    The pictures you took are breath taking. THANK YOU for sharing.